Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thank you Jesus

Ok....this has to be one of the sweetest things I have heard my little man say on his own. Yesterday, we were in the parking lot waiting on Daddy to eat pizza. James said "Pink Sky", talking about the beautiful sunset.

I told James that God made the beautiful sunset. He said "Jesus made for me?" and then he said "Thank You Jesus!" Isn't that the sweetest? Here is a picture of James blowing Jesus a kiss.

At the Park with Nana, Papa and Uncle

Last Saturday we got to spend some time at the park with Nana, Papa and Uncle! From the looks of the pics I know James had a blast!

Here he is showing off one of his favorite toys in the world....BALLS!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

We went to the Dallas Zoo!

We took a skip day and went to the Dallas Zoo yesterday. I don't think my little man could have looked any cooler if he tried!

He loved the ELEPHANTS and GIRAFFES the was a great trip.

Like Father Like Son

Hello there!

What better way to get a blog kicked off than staring with a CRAZY story about JAMES! When Jason and I were getting married, I got to hear all kinds of GREAT of which was about Jason, a container of baby powder and how he won the fight. (I think there are some pics somewhere that I have not seen yet...) SO, this morning, I was in the laundry room for 1 minute - really - and this is what I found next.

I guess James was trying to make a little snow in Texas!