Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When it Pours!

Hey there! If you live in the North Texas area, you know that we have had non-stop rain from about last Thursday till this Monday or so.....and with that rain comes....allergy triggers!!!
Monday morning my Jamie started to have a sneeze attack on the way to Day care and by the time I picked him up that afternoon he was going into full retractions with the onset of an asthmas attack. (Do you guys like my new lingo...I had no idea what retractions and asthma triggers were before the last two days.)
SO....LOOOONG story short, my little man was admitted to Childrens' Hospital yesterday and this is where we sit today.
The good news is that God is great and still sits on the throne.....and that we might be looking at going home tonight. We also have learned that James is officially diagnosed as asthmatic and we have a new medication plan for him. (God is good!)
Here is a picture of my sweet rascal sleeping....


Sheryl said...

well i knew i could track you down somehow. i left a comment for you on bloom to see how he was doing. then i just saw your comment on pete's post and follwed you here!

whew...anyway, i am glad that he is getting better and that he will be on the right meds. so, so hard to see our kids hurting.


Lauresa said...

Hey Girl!! So sorry ... gosh, poor baby. I volunteer at Childrens of Dallas tonight, and tomorrow night-It probably is too much-But, I am usually in one of the playrooms, on the 4th floor (from 5:30-8:00).
I am glad he is feeling better!!